garage door issues

The most common garage door issues

Garage doors take quite a bit of wear and tear over the years as they’re constantly opened and closed multiple times a day. Because of this, issues inevitably arise that can not only be frustrating, but also dangerous if not attended to.

Some of the most common problems that garage doors have include:

  • Broken torsion spring:  Having a broken torsion spring can cause problems such as the garage door to closing too fast,  the garage door opens unevenly, or can make a lot of noise.
  • Worn out rollers: Rollers can be steel, nylon, or plastic. Depending on the material of the roller will determine their overall longevity before they must be replaced.  Worn rollers can make opening the garage door difficult.
  • Old garage door opener:  Depending on many factors, a garage door opener can be used for 10 to 20 years before it most likely will need to be replaced. During its lifespan, it may also need to undergo maintenance for various issues that can arise.
  • Bent or misaligned tracks: your garage door may become difficult to open and close if the tracks aren’t properly aligned or are damaged.  Your garage door may even come off the track completely.

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Garage Door Rollers & Hinge Servicing in Mesa, AZ

Has your garage door been getting stuck in the tracks? Making grinding noises? It would probably be a good idea to have your garage door’s rollers and hinges serviced soon. Waiting may turn a small issue into a much larger problem and could pose as a potential hazard. Discount Garage Door offers roller and hinge replacement service day & night for residential and commercial garage doors.
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